Psychographic profiles of your smartphone users

We help Telecoms and mCommerce platforms better understand their clients by identifying users' psychographic profiles based on smartphone usage.

As you are reading this sentence, we've already managed to connect our clients to of their users.

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How many of your clients are

How many of your clients are

Customize your offer with new insights about your mobile audience

By combining thousands of data points about cross app usage, KoalaMetrics reaches 93.7% accuracy rate in predicting users interests, behavior and intents.
Learn how these outcomes can improve your business:

Client Panel Dashboard showing app usage and data visualisation

Monetize your userbase & services

With KoalaMetrics insights you can offer complimentary goods and services based on data you have and enhance up-selling & cross-selling strategy.

New insights about your customers

Enrich and optimize your CRM with detailed psychographic profiles of your users including demographics, interests and behavioral data.

Personalize mobile experience

By knowing your customers better you are finally able to create an unexceptional experience and provide truly unique offer for each of the client segments.

Customize your offer

Providing the best possible deals and seemless buying process is crucial to any mobile commerce venture. Improve your offer by customizing it.

Reduce churn rate

Make your customers stay by personalizing their experience. Reduce irrelevant content they recieve, offer them options tailored to their needs and use cross-selling effectively.

Improve recommendations

Segmenting your mobile audience gives you a competitive advantage. By using behavioral and psychographic profiles created for you by KoalaMetrics you can make product recommendations that will be in line with your clients’ needs.

Solutions for Telecoms & mCommerce

Every business is different. See what we prepared for you.

Harness the power of your mobile data

See KoalaMetrics technology in action

We process and analyze data from smartphone usage and serve it to you in a form of Personas. Carefully crafted profiles highlight important pieces of information about your users. With over 30 Personas to choose from, you can find profiles of Parents, Home Design Buffs, Finance Enthusiasts, Weight Watchers, Business Professionals and many others.

1. Data from Koala SDK

Koala SDK is a short snippet of code that every developer can quickly add to his mobile app for iOS/Android. Once SDK is installed it starts to analyze the usage of device in order to determine user's profile.

2. Koala API

Anonymized data about the usage is sent to Koala API. With a combination of machine learning and predictive analytics KoalaMetrics turns this data into specific user profile.

3. Mobile Customers Persona

The resulting outcome is a set of customer attributes assigned to every device like "Driver", "Social Media Savvy" or "Golf Player". Each profile is regularly updated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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